About Dr. Al Snyder

Dr. Al Snyder, a veterinarian with a very diverse background in working with people and animals, puts on a performance that combines humor and motivation into an action packed session. Audience participation is the key to his successful presentations as he involves members of the audience in all aspects of the show. 

His sincerity and enthusiasm combined with his ability to relate to any age group make his shows a hit with any audience. He often calls upon his experience as a veterinarian to add spice to his programs. With a masterful blend of traditional stage hypnosis and creative new material, he will keep your audience laughing and on the edge of their chairs throughout the program.

Dr. Al Snyder Hypnotist

Mondovi, WI 54755

Phone: (888) 835-8388

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  • "Dr. Snyder’s hypnosis show was definitely the highlight of the night! He does a great job of involving the audience. The show has a variety of fresh situations that everyone loved."
    ~Osseo-Fairchild High School Post Prom; Osseo, WI
  • " We have used Dr. Snyder for 10 plus years. He is excellent and keeps the show appropriate for our high school group.
    Dr. Snyder has always updated his material so that the kids relate to the show. He keeps the show clean."
    ~ Minnewaska High School Post Prom; Glenwood, MN
  • "Your program rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by the participants in our conference. This was by the highest rating in the entire conference. No improvement necessary. Dr. Al Snyder will surprise you with his quiet and kind demeanor. He will leave your sides hurting from the laughter. He brought our group together with an unbreakable bond thanks to the laughs we shared compliments of Al."
    Young Dairy Leader's Institute, Jodi R.
  • "Dr. Snyder has mesmerizing skills. The conference would not have been the same without his presence. Dr. Snyder was a pleasure to work with and we appreciate his skills."
    Co-op YES Youth Board
  • "We can't wait for Dr. Snyder to be back on campus for our 25th consecutive year. He provides a fun, high energy hypnotist show!! Dr. Snyder is AWESOME!"
    Springfield College; Christine J.; Springfield, MA
  • "We hope that Dr. Snyder will become a regular compliment of our New student orientation program. He is excellent!!! I have been particularly impressed by Al's willingness to stick around and speak with students after the program and discuss and answer questions about hypnosis."
    Hamilton College, Clinton, NY